2 – 4 October 2019 (Wednesday to Friday) BITEC Thailand



Smart City will be showcased through the demonstration of GPS Tracking, Smart Bus Terminal and Taxi OK project by Department of Land Transport, Ministry of Transport.

Area-Business Continuity Managenebt(Area-BCM)

Disaster management for business continuity, developed by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). The Area-BCM initiative can contribute to identifying disasters, decreasing economic loss, understanding the global impacts, focusing on the local economy, and highlighting private sector’s role.

TARII(TPA Automation,Robotics & IoT Institute)

To support “Thailand 4.0” policy and Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), Technology Promotion Association (Thailand-Japan) has established TARII or TPA Automation Robotics & IoT Institute aiming to develop knowledge and skill relating to Lean Manufacturing, automation system, IoT and robotics for engineers and technicians in order to increase their capabilities in working with automation system, sensor and robotics and eventually minimize loss in manufacturing process. More about TARII at MRA 2019.

”Frankernstein-Revive Old Macines for Thailand 4.0”:

Plastic Institute of Thailand (PITH), Ministry of Industry aimed to introduce technology like sensor, IoT, etc. to upgrade existing machines and equipment for Thai manufacturers.

Innovative Plant Engineering Technologies

The innovative companies represented by Japanese Process Engineering Industry will showcase their technologies for petrochemical, chemical, energy and the related process industries.

Maximizing Industrial Competitivebess through 3S Method by TPA | 4 October 2019, 09:00-12:00h, Silk1 Room, BITEC

@Smart – Organization with minimal loss, work smart, end-result with quality at low cost
@Safety – Organization where employee in safe workplace, good atmosphere, environmental friendly to society and community
@Sustain – Organization full with good and smart people retaining good work environment, consistent and sustainable improvement

More information and registration (Baht 1,000 inclusive of VAT), contact: Technology Promotion Association (Thailand-Japan)
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